Friday October 28th

6:00pm to 8:00pm

 Dance party with games, food & more!

Free Admission

Students are encouraged to wear costumes, but they are not required.

Bring the whole family. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Lots of Fun for All!

We need lots of volunteers to put on this community event.  

Please consider signing up to help here!


Important Information

Falloween is an opportunity to celebrate the fall season as a school community.

All Costumes must adhere to the following guidelines:

- Costumes must portray positive images.
- Costumes may not be offensive or inappropriate in any way.
- No costumes that de mean any race, religion, nationality, disability or gender.
- Appropriate shoes must be worn.
- Costume preparations are to be completed at home. No dressing or applying of make-up or colored hairsprays on school premises.
- Students must be able to sit, walk, breathe, see and hear. No masks that cover the face or anything that could obscure the identity.
- No pretend prop weapons such as plastic pistols, knives or swords. Example - a pirates sword will need to be left at home.
- Attire should not cause harm, be unsafe and be disruptive.
- Students who wear costumes that do not conform to the guidelines will not be allowed to participate.