April 25, 2019
2018-19 School Year, Volume 13, Issue 7


Spring is here and it is full steam ahead with concerts, field trips and all the fun events that wrap up the school year! We also start planning in earnest for next year - but we can't do that without your input! Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on our short parent survey.

With Spring's arrival we're excited - and the kids even more so - to have new playground equipment installed! Money raised at our bi-annual fundraiser, Lights Camera Auction, last May supported the purchase of soccer goals (so the kids don't have to use cones anymore) as well as several musical instruments. The kids can play the instruments during recess and they will also be used in some music classes. Money raised at the auction also funded two years of the Art Docent program, reading club and the YMCA playground coach. And we've booked Pickering Barn for the celebration and fundraiser next year on Friday, April 3, 2020! Mark your calendar for a fun night and if you want to get involved in the planning, contact Melynda Cook, Grand Ridge PTSA Fundraising Director.


Volunteers of the Month - Kainoa & Erica

We were thankful to have new Highlands resident and parent Kainoa Patterson and longtime Grand Ridge parent & volunteer Erica Stapleton come together to chair our STEM Club this year! STEM Club met weekly from November through April giving kids a chance to escape the rain at 2nd recess during winter months and engage in science, engineering & creative problem-solving activities.

Kainoa and her family recently moved to the Highlands from Cougar Mountain. They have a son in 1st grade as well as a 1-year old little boy at home. Kainoa was active at her son’s previous school and wanted to get involved in the Grand Ridge community right from the start and we so appreciate that she did! Her ready smile has been a welcome addition to the PTSA and she’s really enjoyed meeting other parents through STEM Club and other school activities.

Erica has lived in the Highlands for many years with her husband Ryan, both diehard Husky fans, and their four redheaded children. In addition to her STEM leadership, she is also an Art Docent. Her favorite thing about teaching kids in art and STEM is their enthusiasm, telling them that there is no wrong way to do art! And in science some of the best discoveries have come from mistakes. Erica loves learning and encouraging all our kids because each of them is an amazing inventor, scientist, and artist. And she’s always up for a laugh which we so appreciate!

The last After School Movie of the year is
Wednesday, May 15!

Sign up by Monday, May 13.

PTSA Annual Awards

At the March General Meeting, we had the honor of presenting the PTSA Annual Awards for 2018 to four deserving individuals. Fourth grade teacher Sanjana Pathak won the Outstanding Educator award which recognizes individuals who have provided outstanding educational opportunities for children and youth that are beyond the normal scope of their jobs. Nominations for Ms. Pathak noted the strong relationships built on mutual respect that she shares with her students in addition to her compassion and sense of humor. 

Angela Bizzari and Aline Bloch won Golden Acorn awards which recognize those who give exemplary continued and dedicated volunteer service to children and youth in our school and community. Nominations spoke of the thousands of children on whom they have had an impact with their leadership of the art docent program. Beyond art (where do they find the time?!), they are both active in the school in other ways, Angela as a substitute teacher and PTSA Staff Appreciation Chair and Aline as a VOICE mentor and environmental advocate.

Then the Outstanding Advocate award which honors an individual for a demonstrated commitment to helping create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety, and education of our children was presented to Alicia Spinner. Nominators wrote of the wide number of programs she has spearheaded to make Grand Ridge a community where everyone feels welcome and included. From her work one on one as a VOICE mentor to her leadership of events like Cultural Fair and creation of the Diversity Director position on the PTSA board, she has had an important impact on the staff and students at Grand Ridge.  


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