Welcome to Grand Ridge Elementary and Issaquah!

Attached to this page are some great resources of information for new families to the Issaquah Highlands, or anyone seeking information about activities in our area.   

If you have questions about where to find information regarding specific activities, please feel free to contact the Grand Ridge PTSA new family host, Tracie Jones:  tracie.jones@mail.com.

Issaquah School & Community Connections: Includes lots of great information about where to get further details regarding Grand Ridge, the Issaquah School District, and the Issaquah Highlands.

PTSA Info sheet: Includes an overview of some of the programs offered by the Grand Ridge PTSA. Details about all of the PTSA activities can be found under the PTSA Activities link here on our web site.

After School Activities: Includes a long list of various activities offered for kids in our area.