The Grizzly Garden Patch will open in Fall 2019.

Every Thursday at 2nd Recess (1:40 - 3:00PM). Volunteers welcome. 

**This program needs a chair person.  If you are interested, please contact Darcy Perea at


The Grizzly Patch

The Grizzly Patch Learning Garden provides opportunities for students to make connections to the natural world, increase awareness of what we eat and where it comes from, teach valuable lessons in caring for place, and inspire creativity.  The Grand Ridge Grizzly Patch was generously funded by an Issaquah Schools Foundation grant and is a PTSA-run program that relies upon volunteers to keep it going.

Because garden activities happen during recess time, we have a lot of students who participate and ideally need a minimum of 4-6 volunteers for the program to run smoothly.