What is Staff Appreciation?

Did you know that our kiddos couldn't learn what they learn and have the experiences they have without our amazing Grand Ridge Staff? The PTSA has created a Staff Appreciation program so we have ways to say "Thank You" throughout the year to all of our 80+ staff members. 

During the 2017/2018 school year, we have the following events scheduled to take place:

  • November 13th - "Soups On" soup lunch for all Grand Ridge staff
  • January 23rd - "Thanks, A Latte" coffee cart, and baked goods
  • March 26th - "Lucky Us" Luncheon catered by your donations! Sign up HERE.
  • May 7th through 11th - Staff Appreciation Week - look for information from your room parent in the near future!




What Is Staff Appreciation Week?

During this week (May 7-11) we celebrate our teachers and staff for all they have done for our kiddos and families. We host either a special treat, lunch or breakfast each day and coordinate with the room parents so the kiddos can do something special for their teachers and specialists during that week. It's our week to spoil and remind each and every Grand Ridge staff member how important and loved they are to us. The kids have a really good time participating in this week as well. You will be hearing more from your Room Parent as we get closer to May!

Meantime, what Can I Do To Help?

Without your help we cannot execute these activities.We know you are all very busy, so we have put together simple ways for you to help. 

We are collecting donations and sign ups right now for the March lunch. Be sign up HERE.

Thank you in advance for all of your support!

Questions, please reach out to Brooke Karr, Staff Appreciation Chair at bdkarr@gmail.com